Executive Protection
In today’s rapidly changing world the increasing threat from criminal and terrorist organization, pressured groups, unstable individuals and the common criminal, is very real and present. These criminals go to any stretch with no bounds to attempt to get informational and monetary gain.   

Whether you are celebrity, an executive professional or simply want to have peace of mind for you and your family while traveling, Inquest Global Services can produce the individual service that you require.

When you require professional protection services we will make your experience is the best possible as we are there for you every step of the way.

Our staff is discreet, courteous, and professional individuals that are trained in what they do. We will listen, assist and advise to achieve the security requirements of our client. 

The publics’ fascination with celebrities and public figures means your unavoidable intrusion to privacy. The paparazzi are not the only ones seeking to monitor your every move. Today’s mobile technology has allowed numerous of opportunist snappers keen to invade your private life, increasing the threat from criminals, kidnappers or extortionists.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in your personal or corporate protection needs.

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